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Hope Valley

(8 miles/15 minutes from Grover to Hope Valley) Highway 89 follows the winding West Fork of the Carson River much of the way.

Hope Valley is one of those special places that has attracted people for thousands of years. Native American spent summers in the area, but migrated to lower elevations during winter. Early pioneers also passed through here, with only a few Basque sheepherders spending much time. For many decades cattle were also grazed on the surrounding meadows. Today, people enjoy winter here, too, cross-country skiing or snowmobiling where allowed. But Summer is when most folks pass through the valley, too many not bothering to stop. Summer wildflowers fill the meadows bordering the Carson River that meanders through on its way east toward the desert. If you like to fish, there are usually lots of fish swimming in the river near the bridge where Highway 88 joins Highway 89. But catching them is another matter. You're better off to hike upriver-or downriver away from where all the people stop. This is a great place to come during autumn as thousands of aspens line the river and pocket the surrounding mountainsides making for brilliant red, orange and yellow color shows.







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