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State of the Sierra Nevada's Forests Report

State of the Sierra Nevada's Forests Report

Failure to understand the urgency of the situation in the Sierra Nevada will have devastating impacts on California's environment and economy.

There is a growing understanding that many Sierra Nevada forests are not healthy and that overgrown forests are susceptible to disease and intense wildfire.

There is likewise broad consensus that science-based ecological restoration of our Sierra Nevada forests must be dramatically increased in order to stem the tide of large, uncharacteristic wildfires.

These wildfires threaten the very lifeblood of California - the forested watersheds of the Sierra Nevada.

The State of the Sierra Nevada Forests Report identifies:

  1. The wide range of benefits provided by our Sierra Nevada forests and watersheds that are at risk
  2. Impediments to increasing the pace and scale of forest restoration, and potential solutions to these challenges
  3. A framework through which these issues can be addressed

The potential for more megafires like the Rim Fire is high and the trends of larger, more intense fires is clear, with the current drought and ongoing temperature increases making the situation all the more urgent.

It will take a renewed commitment at the state, federal, and local levels. The alternative of the status quo is simply not acceptable.

For more information about the actions the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and other partners are taking to address the health of the Sierra Nevada Region, visit:


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