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Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative

    The video link below provides an overview of the Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative (SNFCI).

    Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative Video

    On December 4, 2014, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board approved the SNFCI Action Plan. This plan was created in collaboration with the SNFCI Council and will serve as a roadmap for restoring forest health in the Sierra Nevada Region.

    Photo courtesy of Jonathan Cook-Fisher
    Photo courtesy of Jonathan Cook-Fisher

    Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative (SNFCI)

    Sierra Nevada forests are one of the primary sources for California’s rich biodiversity, the source of most of California’s water and a premier recreational destination for people around the world. Large, damaging wildfires threaten this resource and put at risk the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) Region’s many contributions to all of California. Overgrown forests in much of the Sierra increases California’s risk for catastrophic wildfires that can result in serious statewide consequences. While periodic fire is part of a healthy ecosystem, the current condition of many of our forests makes these beneficial fires less likely and when the larger, more intense fires occur, these positive benefits are not realized. Sierra Nevada forests and watersheds are a savings account the State of California relies on for a variety of needs critical to life. We need thoughtful management, active collaboration and continued investment to ensure that this important Region will remain a jewel in the crown of the state’s treasured natural resources, beautiful natural wonders, and important community-sustaining working landscapes. The SNC is committed to identifying, supporting, and implementing actions that support the health and preservation of our forests.

    The Sierra Nevada Conservancy's Proposition 84 Grant Program has awarded over $50 million in funds to a wide variety of projects, many of which supported efforts that reduced the risk of large damaging wildfires that threaten communities, water reliability, and quality for Californians, and at the same time, created much needed jobs. The video links below include examples of some of these projects.

    American River Shaded Fuelbreak
    Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions


    For more good news about the work SNFCI is supporting, click here.









    The SNC leads, supports or participates in a wide range of local and regional collaborations striving to achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic health in our Sierra forests and the communities to which they are connected.