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Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program

What is the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program?

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The Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program is a coordinated, integrated, collaborative program to restore the health of California’s primary watershed through increased investment and needed policy changes.

Sierra Nevada forests and watersheds are at a critical point. Ongoing drought, a century of fire suppression, widespread tree mortality due to insect attacks and disease, and a changing climate have led to an increased risk of large, damaging wildfires.

The Watershed Improvement Program builds upon the broad consensus that more must be done to restore Sierra Nevada forests and watersheds:

The pace and scale of science-based ecological restoration needs to dramatically increase in order to stem the tide of large, uncharacteristic wildfires and further degradation of these ecosystems.

      This comprehensive effort is being organized and coordinated by the state’s Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) and the federal United States Forest Service (USFS) in close partnership with additional federal, state, and local agencies, and diverse stakeholders.

        Developing and implementing this program in a strategic, integrated, and collaborative manner will maximize the investment made and ensure that policy changes are made with a comprehensive understanding of needs.


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          guiding documents

            The Watershed Improvement Program Regional Strategy was developed with input from a diverse group of stakeholders. This strategy identifies the process, steps, and activities needed to achieve the objectives of the WIP.

            State of the Sierra Report (Released 2014) Report Update 2015
            CA Natural Resources Agency & U.S. Forest Service Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
            WIP Progress Report (2015/16)
            Watershed Improvement Program Fact Sheet
            Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative (SNFCI) Action Plan
            SNC Governing Board Supports the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program

                Contact Information

                Mandy Vance
                Watershed Improvement Coordinator

                4988 11th Street, Suite A
                P.O. Box 372

                , CA 95338
                Office Phone: (209) 742-0482


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