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Governing Board

  1. Board Chair
  2. Secretary, Natural Resources Agency
  3. Local Government Appointments
  4. Governor's Appointments
  5. Legislative Appointments
  6. Non-Voting Liaison Advisors

Board Chair

BJ Kirwan Hanna

  • Governor's Appointee, Public Member, since 2005, and current Board Chair

Terrence O'Brien

  • Governor's Appointment, Public Member

Secretary, Natural Resources Agency

John Laird

  • Secretary, Natural Resources Agency

Local Government Appointments

Burt Bundy

  • North Central Subregion
  • Tehama County Supervisor

Pam Giacomini

  • North Subregion
  • Shasta County Supervisor

Ron Hames

  • East Subregion
  • Alpine County Supervisor

Allen Ishida

  • South Subregion
  • Tulare County Supervisor

Jennifer Montgomery

  • Central Subregion
  • Placer County Supervisor

Christopher Wright

  • South Central Subregion
  • Calaveras County Supervisor

Governor's Appointments

Bob Kirkwood

  • Governor's Appointment Public Member

Eraina Ortega

  • Chief Deputy Director, Policy
  • Department of Finance

Legislative Appointments

John Brissenden

  • Speaker of the Assembly Appointee

Bob Johnston

  • Senate Rules Committee Appointee

Non-Voting Liaison Advisors

Barnie Gyant

  • U.S. Secretary of Agriculture's Appointee
  • U.S. Forest Service

Woody Smeck

  • U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Appointment
  • U.S. National Parks

Este Stifel

  • U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Appointee
  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management