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Proposition 84 Grant Program: Success Stories

More than 60% of the California’s developed water supply originates in the Sierra Nevada Region, and up to half of the water flowing into the Delta starts its journey in the Sierra’s forested watersheds.  Using funding from Proposition 84, passed by popular vote in 2006, the SNC has awarded over $51 million for projects that that directly improve watershed health, water quality, and community health for the betterment of the people of California.

KEY AREAS OF PROPOSITION 84 INVESTMENT with sample project videos:

Forest Health and Fire Prevention

Sierra forests are the source of most of California’s water. Funds supported projects that reduced the risk of large damaging wildfires that threaten communities, water reliability, and quality for Californians, and at the same time, created much needed jobs.

Watershed Health

The health of the watershed is directly linked to the quality and amount of water that flows through the Region and downstream. Much of the water that flows through the Delta originates in the Sierra Nevada; the Delta, as well as other important water systems in the state, depends on the quantity, quality, and timing of water from the Sierra.

    Working Landscapes

    Ranching and agricultural lands of the Sierra are an integral part of the landscapes and waterways of the Region contributing to its economy, cultural heritage, habitat diversity, and scenic beauty. Maintaining the viability of the Sierra’s productive farms and ranches and the public benefits they provide is important to all Californians.

    Water Quality

    The Sierra Nevada is the source of more than 60% of California’s water serving cities, farms, and industries and providing habitat for fish and wildlife throughout the state.

    Iconic Landscapes

    The Sierra Nevada is home to magnificent rivers, snowcapped mountains, unique wildlife habitat and beautiful forests and meadows. Investment in the protection of the Region’s natural resources will ensure the enjoyment of its splendors and the benefits that flow to the rest of the state.