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Managing Your Grant

Note: Updated materials are currently under development for the SNC Proposition 1 program and will be posted as they become available.

The Managing Your Grant section of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) website is intended to assist current grantees with the administration and management of their Proposition 84 and Proposition 1 SNC grants.  The SNC provides a Managing Your Grant Booklet to assist grantees with all phases of the grant process.

Advance Requests

Grantees must contact their Project Lead when considering an advance request in order to determine the availability of advance funding for the project.

When funding availability is confirmed, an Advance Request Form must be completed accompanied by an explanation of the need for the advance in narrative form. Mail the form ATTN: (Your Project Lead) at the SNC Main Office in Auburn. It is very important to follow the above procedure to ensure accurate and efficient processing. Be sure to read and follow the detailed Advance Request Instructions to complete all sections of the Advance Request form:

Proposition 84Proposition 1
Advance Request Instructions
Advance Request form (Excel)

Expense Reimbursement Requests

Grantees must complete and submit an approved Request for Payment form for reimbursement of project expenses under their SNC Grant Agreement.  Detailed instructions and necessary forms are provided below.

Proposition 84Proposition 1
Request for Payment Instructions
Request for Payment form (PDF)
Request for Payment form (Excel)

Six-Month and Final Progress Reports

Grantees must complete and submit Six-Month Progress Reports and a Final Report as per their SNC Grant Agreement.  The forms are provided in the link below.

Proposition 84 and Proposition 1
Progress Report Template (Word)
Final Report Template (Word)

    Performance Measure Reporting

    Grantees must complete the project-specific Performance Measure reporting with the submission of the Final Report for the project. Performance Measures are used to track progress toward project goals and desired outcomes. For detailed performance measure descriptions and reporting instructions click here.

    If you encounter difficulties or have questions that pertain to Advance Requests or the Requests for Payment process, please send an email to Barbara Harriman or call (530) 823-4670 or toll free (877) 257-1212.











    Sierra Nevada Conservancy
    Grant Program Contacts

    Grants Project Map

    Please click on the map above to find the contact information for the SNC Representative or Manager in your area.

    If you have general questions about the SNC Grant Program, please contact the SNC Grant Program Coordinator, Patrick Eidman at (530) 823-4689.