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Funding Opportunities for the Sierra Nevada Region


The Sierra Nevada Conservancy looks to the organizations, agencies, and local governments in the region to help achieve its vision for the future - that the magnificent Sierra Nevada Region enjoys outstanding environmental, economic and social health with vibrant communities and landscapes sustained for future generations.  This page has some resources that can help you find and obtain funding to achieve these goals.


The SNC Funding Team maintains list of funding programs anticipated over the next year.  This listing can help you with advance planning for your funding needs.   The calendar is updated monthly.  If you know of relevant grants that are not listed, please contact the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Funding Team.



Each month the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Funding Team will present a grant research memo which compiles available grant opportunities for particular types of projects.  This month’s research memo gives you multiple funding sources for restoration projects focused on riparian, wetland, and aquatic habitat.  This includes habitat for waterfowl and fish, meadow restoration, stream restoration, and stewardship projects. As always, if you have any additional resources to share, please contact the Funding Team.


The SNC Funding Team puts out a monthly newsletter with more timely grants and funding information.  You can access the latest newsletter here.  To add yourself to the mailing list, please click here.


Do you have a question about a specific grant or a general funding strategy for your organization?  Individual funding assistance is available to nonprofit organizations, agencies and local governments in the SNC region. Contact your SNC Area Representative for more information. Please click here for a list of SNC Area Representatives.

GRANT WRITING TIP:  Phase your Project!


Just getting started? Your vision may be ambitious, but most funders want to see a track record before they make a large investment. Try breaking your project into phases. The first phase (and you don’t really need grant funding for this) is to convene the interested parties, form a partnership and agree on your project priorities. This puts you in a good position to apply for a planning grant. Use your resources during the Planning Phase to design your project, obtain any needed permits, and get a better outline of the implementation work plan and budget. Then you can leverage this careful planning work into implementation funding. The Implementation Phase of your project is often difficult to fund, but granting agencies are impressed by project teams that have done their homework: engaged stakeholders, done careful planning, and obtained permits and permissions.

Been there, done that? Let’s say you are a more experienced project team that has just identified a funding opportunity. Don’t jump right into grant writing. A good strategy is to get your supporters and partners on board first thing. You’ll probably need match commitments and support letters from these partners, and in return they are going to want a say in how the work program and budget are structured. It is a good idea to write-up a short concept paper explaining the grant provisions and how you intend to use the funding. Pass this around to your prospective partners and then set a time to brainstorm!


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If you have administrative questions about your grant agreement or managing your grant, please contact one of our Grants Administrators.

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