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February 7, 2007 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Board of Supervisors Chambers 
810 Court Street 
Jackson, CA  95642 
I. Call 
Vice Chair Dahle convened the meeting at 1:08 PM. 
II.  Swearing in of New Boardmembers 
New Boardmembers Byng Hunt, Mono County Supervisor representing the Eastern 
Region, and Robert Weygandt, Placer County Supervisor representing the Central 
Region, were administered the oath of office. 
III. Roll 
Brian Dahle, Carol Whiteside, John Brissenden, Kim Yamaguchi, Louis 
Boitano, Bob Kirkwood, Robert Weygandt, Byng Hunt, BJ Kirwan, Mike 
Chrisman, John Lloyd, Byron Sher, Allen Ishida, Mike Tollefson, Mike 
Chapel (for Beth Pendleton), and Bill Haigh.  
No members were absent. 
IV.  Approval of December 6, 2006 Board Meeting Minutes 
Boardmember Yamaguchi asked that the minutes be corrected on Page 5 to indicate 
his statement was, “Butte County has a population of 215,000, with 42,000 residents 
in his district." 
Boardmember Brissenden indicated that on Page 6, first paragraph, the word “on” 
should be stricken under Action Plan Update.  In addition, under Program and Grant 
Guideline Development, strike “need" prior to “changes or adjustments” and on page 
8, Izzy Martin is the CEO of the Sierra Fund.  Boardmember Brissenden requested the 
record reflect his recusal on the License Plate Issue due to the involvement of The 
Sierra Fund (Boardmember Brissenden’s wife sits on the board at The Sierra Fund).  
There were no other changes to the minutes. 
Action: Boardmember Boitano moved and Boardmember Brissenden seconded 
a motion to approve the December 6, 2006 Board Meeting Minutes with noted 


Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 2 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
changes.  The motion passed unanimously.  Boardmembers Hunt and 
Weygandt abstained from voting as new members to the Board. 
V.  Public Comment (non-agenda items) 
Paul Stein - Welcomed the Board to Amador County and invited EO Branham and 
Boardmembers to tour the property at Copperopolis Community Plan in Calaveras 
County.  Mr. Stein noted the new District 5 Supervisor, Russ Thomas, was the 
Copperopolis Community Plan architect.  
Russ Thomas – Supervisor, Calaveras County, stated his desire of adding dedicated 
conservation easements of approximately 6,000 acres (from James & Kathy 
Morrissey) to the Copperopolis Community Plan.  He stated that having SNC’s help to 
facilitate this effort would be appreciated. 
Greg Meyer – Representative of James and Kathy Morrissey, the property owners, are 
committed to preserving the open space and would be factored into the long-term plan 
of public use of private land.  It is suggested the Board arrange a tour to the property 
and speak with the property owners.   
Kathy Kuse-Brazil – Representing the Amador Fire Safe Council, with a mission to 
protect the people of Amador County and is strictly a grant-run organization.  She 
indicated interest in grant opportunities in the area, which has a high senior population 
and significant wildland-urban interface.   
Patty Jacobson - Urged the Board to create a clear-cutting task force to address the 
issue in the Sierra.  She indicated that clear-cutting impacts everyone and the SNC 
strategic plan does not address the issue.  Ms. Jacobson brought informational 
packets for the Board and posted pictures from Google Earth of clear-cut areas.  
Ward Levalli – Representing Community Action Project, “CAP,” stated their mission is 
to promote community-based democracy and greater public participation in local 
government.  Welcomed Board to the Motherlode and wished the Board success in 
the mission. 
Susan Robinson - A resident of Arnold, stated that 1/3 of the forests in Calaveras 
County are set for clear-cutting and will have a dramatic impact on residents and 
tourism in the County.  Ms. Robinson urges SNC to become involved in the issue. 
Barry Bolton - A resident of Arnold, urged the Board to create a task force to address 
clear-cutting and decide what point the SNC can take in the issue.  He stated that the 
Conservancy should have an interest in the Region as a whole, not just public land.   
Dick McCleary - USDA Central Sierra Natural Resource Conservation and 
Development, consisting of Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Northern Mono, and 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 3 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Alpine Counties, has been involved in over 12 million dollars’ worth of projects that 
were completed in the past year. 
John Buckley – Executive Director for Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center, 
indicated a State of the Sierra status report is needed, as a guide to where 
opportunities exist.  
Robert Meese – President of The Sierra Executive Institute, a group that  brings 
executives from the Sierra Nevada to help stimulate regional economy in smaller 
regions.  He commended the SNC for its outreach efforts but expressed concern over 
the lack of attention paid to individual businesses in the community to deal with the 
water, land and the watersheds.  
Virginia Landreth – Resident of Railroad Flat, supports the Calaveras Healthy Impact 
Product Solutions (CHIPS) program.  The objective is to have a positive impact on the 
land with healthy forest practices.   
Jerry Scott – Oak Woodland Conservation Group, described the group’s mission as 
working with all stakeholders and hopes to work with the SNC.   
Susan Bragstad – Amador City Amador Land Trus, holds 3,000 acres in easements, 
agriculture, historical, and scenic values of the region.  Farms of Amador are also 
trying to protect and promote local agriculture. 
Don Wells – LTA.  There has been unpredicted growth on the Calaveras side of Lake 
Tallas and the forecast is for 100,000 residents.  Would like help on focusing the 
Katherine Evatt - Foothill Conservancy, identified a few community projects that are 
compatible with the goals of SNC, such as working landscapes, promotion of 
sustainable forests, protecting and restoring watersheds, dam removal, strengthening 
the economy and preserving historical resources.  Ms. Evatt stated the Foothill 
Conservancy is in need of technical assistance for a project relating to the protection 
of the Mokulumne River and promoting local river tourism.   
VI. Chairman’s 
Report – Vice Chair Dahle indicated that at this time the Board would 
proceed to the Executive Officer Report Agenda Item VII until Chairman Chrisman 
VII.  Executive Officer Report 
a.  Governor’s Event  
Executive Officer Jim Branham indicated that on January 4, staff attended the 
Governor’s “Green Dream” Pre-Inaugural Event.  SNC was one of the few State 
Departments asked to participate.  Branham thanked Placer Grown for providing 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 4 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
fresh fruit, Apple Hill Growers Association for the hot apple cider, and the SNC 
staff for pulling the event together. 
b.  Staffing update 
The goal continues to be the hiring of all base budget staff members by the end of 
the current fiscal year.  He indicated the SNC would once again revert funds that 
were not expended for staff this year.   
c.  Budget update 
The Governor’s proposed budget includes the same level of base funding that 
SNC has in the current year, with some adjustment for cost of living.  The budget 
also includes $17.5 million of Proposition 84 funds, $17 million of which would be 
allocated as grants throughout the region.  The SNC staff will be working through 
the legislative process to assure the funds remain in the Governor’s budget.    
Boardmember Brissenden questioned the reimbursement authority in the proposed 
budget.  Branham indicated it is simply there in the event that the SNC receives 
funds through reimbursement; otherwise, the funds could not be expended.   
Boardmember Sher questioned whether the $17.5 million in the Governor’s Budget 
is the amount that the Governor’s Office proposed or did SNC consult with them?  
Branham stated SNC consulted with the Governor’s Office and that the $17.5 
million is the amount recommended by the SNC.   
Branham asked Boardmember Lloyd to comment on the State Budget process.  
Lloyd reported that the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) is reviewing the budget; a 
report will be released February 21.  He indicated there will be an opportunity for 
revisions to the budget in April and once again in May.  Following the May Revise, 
the Budget Conference Committee will be convened to address the difference 
between the Assembly and the Senate versions of the budget.  Once those 
differences are resolved, the Budget will be sent to the Governor for approval.   
Branham indicated he would hold meetings with legislative budget staff in the 
coming weeks.   
d.  Area offices  
Branham indicated that SNC has a signed an agreement for the Mariposa office, 
and arrangements are being made to secure necessary resources for the office.  
He indicated that Ken Jones and John Knott have been working with Federal 
Officials to secure the Bishop and Susanville office space.  SNC staff has held 
initial conversations with Kern River Valley residents and will follow up with 
Supervisor McQuiston. 
e.  Headquarters Office 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 5 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Branham recommended that the Board revisit the permanent headquarters search 
in September of this year.  The current site is working well; however, the SNC is 
still receiving continued interest from surrounding communities. 
Without objection from the Board, Branham indicated that staff would present a 
proposed process for securing a permanent headquarters at the September 2007 
f.  Proposed Annual Symposium 
Branham proposed that in conjunction with the September meeting, an annual 
symposium focused on climate change be held.  He indicated that the potential 
impacts to Sierra Nevada snowpack and resulting effect on the state’s water 
infrastructure could be significant.  He indicated that the symposium provided an 
opportunity to understand the potential impacts, as well as addressing how the 
region could positively contribute and adapt.  He also indicated that the event 
would serve to remind people around the state as to why the Sierra Nevada 
Region is so important.  He commented there are a variety of governmental and 
non-governmental partners who were interested in assisting the SNC in this effort.   
Boardmember Brissenden suggested looking at a “State of the Sierra” report at the 
symposium and have it become an annual event.  Branham indicated that the plan 
was to have an annual event that would focus on a particular topic of importance to 
the Region.   
Boardmember Sher stated that he thought the symposium and focus were a good 
idea and timely.  He indicated that the symposium should also address the 
implementation of AB 32 (2006), relating to addressing greenhouse gas emissions.   
Boardmember Kirkwood suggested it might be an opportunity for a foundation 
affiliated with the Conservancy to assist with the event, including publications, etc.  
Branham indicated that he agreed that is precisely what a foundation could do and 
stated that option would be pursued.   
Branham indicated that the SNC staff will proceed with planning for the event and 
report back to the Board.  He recommended that a committee of the Board be 
appointed to assist with planning the event.  Boardmembers Brissenden and 
Kirwan volunteered to serve as the Board committee.   
g.  Integrated Regional Watershed Management Planning (IRWMP) Workshop  
Branham stated that SNC is co-sponsoring the workshop with Sierra Nevada 
Alliance, the CABY (Cosumnes-American-Bear-Yuba) watershed group and the 
Mountain Counties Water Resources Association on March 9, 2007.  He indicated 
that the SNC is prepared to assist Sierra groups interested in engaging in the 
IRWMP process.  This meeting is open to the public. 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 6 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
h.  California Rangeland Coalition 
Branham indicated that he attended the second annual meeting of this group that 
is a coalition of ranchers, environmentalists and government agencies.  The 
group’s motto is "don’t let the 5% that we disagree on get in the way of the 95% we 
do agree on.”  The group is sponsoring research, which will help inform a variety of 
discussions on key issues.  He indicated that SNC staff would continue to stay 
involved with the group, as it is consistent with the SNC mission.    
i.  Presentation by CSU Chico, Center for Economic Development (CED). 
Courtney Denehey and Gillian Murphy indicated that CED would like to donate 
copies of the annual economic reports for 11 counties within the Sierra Nevada 
Region to the SNC Library.  A brief description was given of the services offered by 
the CED, their office locations, and examples of projects they have assisted in the 
region.  Both expressed a desire to work with the SNC in the future to help develop 
economic opportunities in the Sierra Nevada Region. 
j.  Saving the Sierra, Voices of Conservation in Action 
Jesikah Maria Ross and Catherine Stifter described their project, “Saving the 
Sierra, Voices of Conservation in Action,” which is a public broadcasting project 
that includes a collection of conservation stories from around the Sierra.  
Information is distributed through radio, the website and presentations. 
Chairman Chrisman asked how the topics and stories pursued are prioritized.  Ms. 
Ross indicated that they listen to anyone who shares stories, and they rely on a 
range of “what’s the news angle” to sell the ideas to the broadcast system.  What 
are the stories you are going to tell about the Sierra?  Groups like the Sierra 
Nevada Alliance and The Sierra Fund are on an advisory committee and help by 
weighing-in with ideas. 
Boardmember Yamaguchi noted the gap between the rural and the urban 
communities and the importance of bridging the gap.   
VI.   Chairman’s Report   
Chairman Chrisman indicated Resources Agency entities had received 
approximately $9.5 billion from bond initiatives, including $500 million for the 
Wildlife Conservation Board.  He indicated spending plans were being addressed 
in the legislative budget process and the Agency will continue to look for 
opportunities for coordination between various entities and programs.    
VIII. Attorney General’s Report 
Deputy Attorney General Christine Sproul informed the Board that all members 
need to complete the ethics training that is available via the internet.  The whole 
process takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.  Boardmember Kirkwood asked if 
there was a deadline for when the training needed to be completed.  Sproul 
indicated she would get back to Boardmembers on due date.  She also indicated 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 7 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
that Conflict of Interest (COI) filings are due on April 2, 2007.  She indicated that 
local officials would need to complete the state COI, as well as the local form.   
IX.    South Central Sub-Region Report 
Boardmember Boitano introduced Tuolumne County Supervisor Paolo Maffei. 
Supervisor Maffei stated that he works closely with the Central Sierra Resource 
Conservation and Development Council (RC&DC), as well as the local Resource 
Conservation District.  The RC&DC is planning an upcoming watershed meeting 
where issues including storm water run-off will be addressed.  He also indicated 
that he is hoping the various groups can address “smart growth” in the Sierra.  He 
believes this is important to assist local communities to go a step beyond the 
normal planning process and go to the smart growth code.  He also indicated he 
hoped the SNC could be helpful in dealing with the Phoenix Lake issue. 
Boardmember Boitano introduced Supervisor Steve Wilensky of Calaveras County, 
who indicated he would speak at tomorrow’s field tour, so he would not address 
the Board today.   
Chairman Chrisman indicated that at this time the Board would proceed to the Sierra 
Nevada Conservancy License Plate agenda item XI. 
XI.    Sierra Nevada Conservancy License Plate 
Executive Officer Branham indicated that the SNC continues to explore the 
process with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and believes there is steady 
progress.  He also stated that discussions with The Sierra Fund relating to the 
marketing campaign have also progressed. 
He indicated that Boardmembers Yamaguchi and Sher had worked with staff to 
identify design concepts that would serve as a basis for further development.   
Boardmember Sher stated that the challenge is to come up with something that 
motorists will relate with the Sierra Nevada.  Boardmember Yamaguchi 
commented on the various designs being considered and suggested a “less busy” 
Boardmember Whiteside asked when the more size-restrictive design came into 
play with Department of Motor Vehicles.  Branham indicated that due to concerns 
of the California Highway Patrol, the statute now does not allow for full plate 
Boardmember Kirkwood asked how the logo competition was going to relate to the 
plate design, indicating there would be an advantage to having the two together.  
Branham replied that elements of the logo would be incorporated into the final 
plate design, hopefully by the May Board meeting.   

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 8 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Boardmember Haigh suggested that one of the images resembled the BLM logo.  
He suggested that the available space should be fully utilized and “dead space” be 
Izzy Martin of The Sierra Fund informed the Board that TSF has begun to explore 
corporate and foundation partners including banking institutions, forestry 
companies and other businesses.  She stressed the importance of identifying the 
right messages to sell the plate.  Yamaguchi expressed his appreciation for the 
efforts of The Sierra Fund to date 
Yamaguchi moved and Hunt seconded a motion to approve the staff 
recommendation that a final license plate design be provided to the Board at 
the May meeting.  Boardmember Brissenden recused himself from the item.   

X.     Action Plan Update 
Program Manager Bob Kingman referred to the updated action plan matrix, 
showing progress on a number of items.  He also indicated that the SNC continued 
progress on examinations and job advertisements.   
Kingman introduced Robert Trent of Velocity 7, consultants to the SNC.  Mr. Trent 
presented the Board on overview of the logo competition involving high school 
students from throughout the region.  
 XII. Program and Grants Guidelines Development 
Executive Officer Branham indicated that the staff had drafted Program Guidelines 
that were as comprehensive as possible and consistent with the Strategic Plan.  
He also stated that Proposition 84 Grants Guidelines had been drafted and would 
be reviewed along with the Program Guidelines.  He acknowledged the efforts of 
Bob Kingman, Dean Cromwell and Charlie Willard in drafting the guidelines.   
Branham referred the Board to the timeline in the Board materials.  He stated that 
the workshops to be held in March and April would provide the public the 
opportunity to provide comments on both sets of guidelines.  He indicated that the 
SNC would hold 18 workshops in the region and 2 outside the region.  He also 
indicated that each sub-region would have a Board committee of two, including the 
Supervisor from the Sub-region and a statewide member, to assist with the 
comments from the sub-region, as identified in the Board materials.   
Boardmembers Ishida and Kirwan indicated that the schedule presented a conflict 
for them; staff agreed to work to resolve the conflict.   
Bob Kingman stated these are overall program guidelines and the last page shows 
a Table of Contents for the separate set of guidelines that will be for Prop 84 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 9 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Branham explained for the first year’s pot of money, staff recommends that an 
allocation be made to each sub-region and provide some funds for projects of 
Regional significance.  He urged the Board to remain flexible on the formula and to 
be prepared to make changes in future years if need be.   
Boardmember Kirkwood suggested that the differences between competitive 
grants and the strategic opportunity grants be made clearer and suggested the 
order be changed.  
Boardmember Whiteside stated it might be easier to understand if the formula for 
distribution is written with percentages vs. dollar amounts.  Boardmember Lloyd 
recommended that the organization remain flexible in the allocation of funds.  
Boardmember Yamaguchi expressed the importance of equitable distribution 
throughout the Region. 
Branham stated that the Program Guidelines will be for all funding opportunities 
and the Proposition 84 Grants Guidelines will be specific to Proposition 84 funds.  
Boardmember Sher questioned language in the Proposition 84 Grants Guidelines, 
which restricts funding to certain areas, given an earlier memo from staff indicating 
funds could be used for any activity consistent with the SNC mission.  Branham 
indicated that the language in the section allocating funds to the SNC is quite 
specific as to how those funds can be used; however, he agreed that language in 
the statute cited in the earlier memo is confusing.  Staff Counsel John Gussman 
suggested that there is some confusion in Proposition 84, but that based on 
consultation with the Attorney General’s Office, the Guidelines reflect the most 
defensible interpretation.  Branham indicated that staff would continue to research 
issue, but his recommendation is to go forward with the interpretation contained in 
the guidelines.   
Branham indicated that the SNC would look forward to comments on the grant size 
limitations.  He also stated that the guidelines communicated the position that the 
SNC does not view itself as a land management organization.     
Boardmember Kirkwood noted equitable distribution is affected by population and 
acreage served.  Branham pointed out that the language in the statute does not 
include population as a factor, but it could be considered.  He suggested seeing 
what the public comment was on this issue.  Kirkwood also suggested the 
guidelines are explicit regarding SNC not wanting to own and manage land.   
Boardmember Kirwan commented that the SNC should not award grants that 
compete with funding already in place addressing air and water quality.   

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Agenda Item III 
May 3, 2007 
February 7, 2007 
Page 10 of 10 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Kirkwood pointed out areas where he believed the guidelines do not accurately 
reflect language in the Strategic Plan.  Branham indicated it was not staff’s intent to 
create inconsistencies with the Strategic Plan, and staff would review language in 
Kirwan suggested a footnote that makes clear the Strategic Plan “trumps” 
language in the guidelines.   
Kirkwood also pointed out that the project evaluation section does not address the 
context of surrounding land and provides no sense of the lasting value of the 
XIII. Bureau of Land Management Presentation, by Bill Haigh, will be tabled until 
the May meeting due to time constraints. 
XIV. Recognition of Senator Tim Leslie 
Vice-chairman Brian Dahle recognized former State Senator and Assemblyman 
Tim Leslie.  Dahle praised Senator Leslie for his leadership in creating the Sierra 
Nevada Conservancy.  He presented him with a resolution from the Board.   
Senator Leslie thanked the Board for the recognition and indicated that he had 
enjoyed watching the Board in action, working on the various issues addressed in 
the legislation.  He pointed out the uniqueness of the SNC and particularly the 
strong role of county supervisors.  He indicated that in his 20 years of legislative 
service, the legislation creating the SNC was his most “spectacular.”   
XV. Board Member Comments 
Boardmember Ishida commented on how important it is to clarify during the 
outreach meetings that the Proposition 84 funds may not be available for all SNC 
program activities (due to language in the Proposition).   
XVI. Public Comment 
Richard Gresham - Placer County Resource Conservation District, requested an 
opportunity to make a formal presentation to the Board regarding RCDs and what 
they do.  Gresham has had previous conversations with EO Branham and several 
Boardmembers and asks SNC to look at RCDs in the Region and see what type of 
partnerships could be created.  
XVII. Adjourn the Meeting 
Vice Chair Dahle adjourned the meeting at 5:08 PM.