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Strategic Planning

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s 2011 Strategic Plan was developed to focus planning efforts on measurable and attainable actions over the next 3-years.  The Strategic Plan establishes five Areas of Focus that embody the intent of our broad mission and legislated program areas:

Healthy Forests 
Preservation of Ranches and Agricultural Lands 
Watershed Protection and Restoration 
Promotion of Sustainable Tourism and Recreation 
Long-term Effectiveness of the SNC

The 2011 Strategic Plan recognizes that all five of the Areas of Focus are interconnected and the objectives and strategies that are laid out in support of one will often help the SNC make progress in others.

The Strategic Plan builds the foundation for developing activities the SNC may put in action in order to carry out the following roles:

Advocate for the Sierra Nevada – Whether it be with decision-makers in Sacramento, the pubic, other state government entities, those who benefit from the Region’s resources, or others, the need for advocacy and education was strongly urged throughout all of the Areas of Focus.  In some instances, this is also tied to the need to develop more compelling or quantifiable information and research about the benefits the Region provides to the State and may also involve leading Region-wide projects that build Regional identity.

Fund Projects – Funding from bond measures and other sources will be utilized to support projects that are consistent with the focus areas identified in the plan.  While the types of projects funded may be constrained by specific requirements of the funding source, the SNC will strive to fund a variety of high benefit projects throughout the Region.

Bring additional funds into the Region – Related to advocating for the Region, is the need for additional funding to address regional and local issues.  In addition to SNC’s Grant Program, this may mean working with existing federal and state programs to help them better understand and address Sierra issues.  In others, it may require efforts to raise private funds or explore new funding sources for the SNC, such as a fee-for-service model.

Support local collaboration and capacity building – Many parts of the Region and many organizations within the Region may not have the information, technical expertise, or other resources they need to be more effective in addressing local concerns and issues.  The SNC can help address these needs by providing technical assistance and more opportunities for collaboration at the local level.

Lead efforts to address issues at the regional and local levels – The SNC has established itself as a neutral convener that has been successful in bringing a variety of interests together to find common ground and in leading the development and implementation of steps to move forward on issues at both the regional and local levels.